Why Loft Hatch and Ladder Install?

Gain safe access to your Storage Area
Loft ladders and hatches are invaluable if you wish to easily access your loft or roof spaces. Made from wood or aluminium, they are available in either fold-and-slide or concertina designs. Whatever loft ladder you choose, it'll be hinged to your loft hatch ready for easy release when you open the hatch leaving you with safe access to your loft space. If you require your hatch(es) made bigger and fitted to requirements this can also be done and is included with the price of the Loft Hatch. Loft hatches and ladders are very affordable and simple to install and also come with a locking mechanism to ensure your safety, when closed.

Important Installation
It is important when using your loft for storage, that you have safe and accessible route upto your loft. 
Sometimes people require their loft space increasing and simply use a step ladder to access their loft there after. Although it is your requirement to do so, we advise if this job is to be carried out, that you do have Loft hatches and ladders installled alongside, to prevent any damage to yourself in the future.

Different Materials
Our loft hatches and ladders are available in two different types of materials. They can be either timber or aluminium and the ladders are usually a three tier mechanism. This make the ladders easy to access when required and easy to return to the loft once fininshed with.
The cost of the loft hatches are just £99-00 and if required, can be supplied and fitted, this will be discussed upon initial survey. The cost of ladders depends on your requirements. A 3 tier aluminium loft ladder will be supplied and fitted from just £199-00. A another option avaialble is the 3 tier drop down timber loft ladders and these are supplied and fitted, prices starting at just £349-00.

What if your hatch is too small?
No problem, we will simply increase the hatch size, by cutting out the remaining dimensuions to fit the loft hatch for you.

I already have a hatch and ladders?
No problem, we are happy to come and board out your reaminiing loft space for you. You are under no obligation to purchase new loft hatches or ladders. We will run a simple check on these at initial survey for your. If they are loose or damaged, you will be advised the best route to take for repair or replacement.

I dont want any mess?
No problem. Our installer will lay down roll and stroll on all carpets and flooring before any work commences. This will be laid all the way upto the designated work areas.