Make space in your loft
Boarding out your loft can provide a safe and clean storage space for all your boxes of memories, Christmas decorations, extra clothes and anything else you can't bear to part with. Putting down boards to convert your loft into a usable storage space is a simple task which does not normally require any planning permission and is very affordable.

Benefits of Underfloor Insulation
  • Generates extra storage space.
  • Affordable and effective way to store your household goods.
  • Traps heat in the loft and doesnt require removing Insualtion.
  • Raise roof joists to avoid squashing any existing Insulation.
  • Makes your home more cosier.

Homes across the UK have been taking advantage of Loft Insulation schemes and now have the insulation to the required depth of 270-300mm. To avoid squashing this Insualtion we raise the level of joists to board over the top.

Unfortunately there is no funding available for the cost of loft boarding. This is not classed as a an energy efficiency measure and is more used for home improvements. Although people believe this could be a costly measure it remains one of the most popular ways to make space in the home.

There is no ECO funding available for this work, but the cost of the work is only £35 per square metre. 

Storage space is at a premium for the majority of UK homes, so why not use the biggest space of your house? For very little outlay, we can transform your loft space into a viable, usable space that will become a valuable asset to your home:

  • Our friendly surveyor will come and carry out a FREE no obligation survey on your loft.
  • You can discuss your needs to fill the space and the surveyor will answer your questions, with honesty and tell you the best alternatives.
  • Whilst at your home, he will then tell you an honest price and you will have a quote sent to you with in minutes from our team.
  • If you are happy to proceed with the quote, you then give us a preferred date to come and carry out the work for you. This is your decision.
  • On install day, our intall team will lay down protective covering on your floors and carpets all the way upto the designated space.
  • The work will commence and all health and safety policies will be in place.
  • Once the work is complete, rest assured we will leave your home in the same condition it was before we arrived. Our install team will remove all protective coverings and finally vaccuum the area we have been working or around.
  • Finally, we will greet you a very fond farewell and leave you to enjoy your new loft space.

Completed loft boarding job. Using a high quality graded material we provide a service that is second to none. Our boards are a teeth and groove mechanism that interlock, to provide a stable base for storing.

Our Recent Work

Our reputation speaks for itself when it comes to energy efficiency and no job is left untouched. we want our customers to be happy with the work we carry out and believe in an honest approach. Why not view some of our recent Loft boarding jobs, and see the results for yourself.

Make your loft into a room, and add some much needed space.

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